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Below are some basic guidelines, tips and resources that may be handy for both new and experienced dog owners. Click on the “Download button” to open a downloadable/printable file.

Helping Your New Dog to Settle

This includes:

  • Going Home – The First Day
  • Introducing Your Dog to Your Home
  • No Look, No Talk, No Touch Rule
  • Introducing Your New Dog to Your Other Dog
  • Introducing Your Dog to Your Children
  • Introducing Your Dog to Your Cat
  • Possible Problems
  • Your First Night – Bed Time
  • The Next Morning

Toilet Training




This includes:

  • Basic Guidelines for Dog Training
  • Crate Training


This includes:

  • Socialising a Puppy
  • Socialising an Adult Dog
  • Children and Dogs 

Registration and Microchipping

General Health

This Includes::

  • Vaccinations
  • Worming
  • Defleaing
  • Dental Care
  • Vet Visits
  • Common Diseases
  • Heat Stress

Recently Added Dogs

  • Tank
    Staffy cross
    18 months old old
  • Diesel
    American Bulldog cross
    4 years old old
  • Lilly
    Red Vizsla
    Lilly is on hold. old
  • Ruby
    Greyhound Cross
    2 years old old
  • Toby
    Border collie
    Toby is on hold. old

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